The Fund will invest, at highly-competitive valuations, in growth-stage companies in the UK and the US. Their solutions will focus on core, chronic diseases where we can reduce the impact of poor health on the young and the old in our communities. They will also address areas where healthcare provision fails to meet demand and leads to inequality for various groups. The Fund will achieve this without compromising on investment potential.

Formed in 2008, Par Equity is a stable and sustainable, owner-managed team of experienced investment technology and health investors, based in the UK and US.

Par Equity has made a total of 47 investments, of which eight are in health technology.

In addition to upper-quartile performance and an international footprint, Par Equity is differentiated in several ways.

We are experienced investors in advanced hardware, mobile communications, secure systems and big-data. As a result, we have considerable manufacturing and regulatory experience. All of this positions the team to select and grow future health and mobile medical technology companies.

The scale of the problem is huge

In some inner cities in the UK & US, life expectancy is falling, and chronic illness is on the rise. All this is despite unprecedented annual spending of £148.5 billion in the UK and £3.5 trillion in the US. The World Health Organisation ranks the UK at 18 and the US at 37 globally.

The fund focus

We are focused on patient-centred, holistic, and connected health solutions. Leveraging proven technology advances and new business models, the Fund will focus on preventative technologies and remote predictive management of chronic illness. Personal diagnostics and medicine will be delivered using clinical-grade wearable and embeddable sensors, mobile communication, cloud-based big-health data, and AI.

The investment opportunity

The rapidly growing healthtech market now in excess of $100 billion. $3.4 billion was invested in digital health H1/18. The M&A demand from traditional players and new entrants is driven by cash repatriation and reduced corporate tax in US. The S&P Digital Health Index is up 22.2%. Estimated investment in HealthTech in 2018 is $6.9 billion, with 386 deals so far.

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